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Lists are fun!
Frequently Asked Questions, yo
o save you the trouble of writing an email or sending an ask, I've compiled a neat little list of what I assume to be questions I would be asked. What is the meaning of life?! Just kidding. Read the list to your perusal:

1. Are you available for commissions? What's your rate?

Yes! As for rates, it usually depends on the scale and difficulty of the project. Let's talk about it! Just shoot at me through email! I'd be happy to answer further inquiries there.

2. Can you draw for me for free?

Kindly refer to this .gif for my answer. On a more serious note, I did go get a degree for this picture-drawing thing and I expect people to respect that. Unless you're Beyonce, a really cool person I look up to (also see: these lists ), or a friend I owe a kidney to, then no. However, if it's for a good cause, an interesting collaboration, or a subject that is close to my heart, I'd be glad to say yes!

3. What are your tools for illustrating? Analog or digital?

Like any other person who illustrates, I started doing everything traditionally. I decided to learn digital drawing in my Sophomore year in college. After so many badly drawn lines on Photoshop, I realized that doing things digital is quick and convenient. However, if I have the time, I'd most often opt for traditional. As for tools, analog: run-of-the-mill tech pens and pencils. Brush pens are cool too. Digitally, a really ancient version of Photoshop can be enough. Nothing fancy.

4. What exactly is your degree? Do you recommend it?

It's called Multimedia Arts. We basically dabble with lots of mediums (video, audio, 3D, animation, etc.). It's a good choice if you're not entirely sure of what type of "art" you'd like to get into or really wanting to explore mediums. It's knowing a little bit of everything and choosing where you'd want to go from there. It's not for the faint of heart because it's tough work but it's a learning experience! Read more about it, here.

5. Any other places where I could see your work?

Ever since my good streak with Tumblr, I haven't really had enough momentum in keeping up a blog. You can follow me, here — my most recent attempt on conquering a small space of the interwebs. I try to keep it spiffy as much as possible.

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ariel Empit is a graphic designer & Illustrator residing in Manila, Philippines. This little space on the internet houses her portfolio website. Her main goal is to help people visually translate ideas and use design as a means of solving problems.

About the website:

y main website (this thing right here) serves as my official Portfolio site. Special shoutout to Bibliotheca.com for the paper texture on my header! The fonts I used, courtesy of the forever convenient Google Fonts, are 'Gentium Book Basic' and 'Walter Turncoat'. Built the site from the ground up with 5 hours of font-choosing, furrowed eye brows, and a year's worth of web-design knowledge. Although as much as I want this little space of the internet updated, I'm a lot more active on my social media platforms (hello, generation stereotypes).

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