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ere lies most of my body of work so far. I try to update as much as possible. Click through the image list to browse projects. To see more of my work, head on over to my Tumblr blog (where I more frequently post things: work progress, design studies, freelance work, cheesy life quotes, puppy pictures, etc.). If you're interested in working together, go ahead and send me an e-mail or head on over to my Contact page.
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    ariel Empit is a graphic designer & Illustrator residing in Manila, Philippines. This little space on the internet houses her portfolio website. Her main goal is to help people visually translate ideas and use design as a means of solving problems.

    About the website:

    y main website (this thing right here) serves as my official Portfolio site. Special shoutout to for the paper texture on my header! The fonts I used, courtesy of the forever convenient Google Fonts, are 'Gentium Book Basic' and 'Walter Turncoat'. Built the site from the ground up with 5 hours of font-choosing, furrowed eye brows, and a year's worth of web-design knowledge. Although as much as I want this little space of the internet updated, I'm a lot more active on my social media platforms (hello, generation stereotypes).

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